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We are now a member of the Children’s Activities Association

We are so proud to announce that Little Music Stars has become a member of the much needed and valued CAA. We have just completed and passed our Compliance Module and can now go onto to becoming a Bronze member by completing the Training module in the next few months.

Here’s a bit about what the CAA does…

Activities, classes and clubs are a valued and much-loved part of most children’s pre-school and extra curricular leisure and learning time, but until now, there has been no formal guidelines to assist parents, schools and nurseries in choosing how to invest their time and money in popular pastimes.
The Children’s Activities Association is an industry-led, not-for-profit community interest company founded and governed by experts to help parents, schools, nurseries and all children’s activities providers by raising the standard of children’s activities as well as give more families access to these excellent activities.

And here’s the link to the CAA website


See you all soon!

Katie x

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