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Hi All!

Well we have almost reached another amazing term here at Little Music Stars in the UK. We have had lots of fun discovering our colours in Rainbow Magic, explored all types of actions, numbers and many new motor skills with our Little Moonbeams and have been rocketed high, bounced like a bean and clapped ourselves silly in our super cute Baby Moonbeams class.

Our Baby Moonbeams classes have reached an all time high (so far) in the Canterbury area with over 25  of you signed up to kick start our way back into the summer. Hooray!

Little Music Stars Level 1 will be exploring what’s down ‘At the Beach’ including playing our colourful castanets as crab & lobster claws, a blue sail for a sailing boat and buckets and spades for ‘Sand Dog’. Fun!!

Happy Easter and go easy on that chocolate!

Katie X

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